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Adrian Esposito

Adrian Esposito is a filmmaker and self-advocate for people with disabilities. To date, he has made 8 documentaries and 2 narrative feature films. Most of his films center on topics related to disability issues. His life journey has involved seeing and experiencing life through the lens of autism. Adrian himself is on the autism spectrum. In spite of the challenges he has faced, Adrian's work has gained national and even international recognition, and both he and his films have won many awards. He was the winner of the prestigious 2015 NYSARC Self Advocate of the Year Award and was most honored to be the recipient of the ARC National Executives 2016 NCE Lifetime Achievement Award in filmmaking. In 2016, he was named “Filmmaker of the Year” at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival and his film, Diffability Hollywood, won as Best Documentary Feature at the same festival. His films have also won the Los Angeles Red Nation Film Festival Courage Award twice, and his film We Can Shine - From Institutions to Independence won Best Documentary at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. He is a spokesperson for self-advocates helping the world accept people with disabilities as capable and thus seeing their disabilities as “diffabilities.” His most recent film, Clowns in the Woods, is a true artistic endeavor. It is a horror film that seeks to break sentimental stereotypes about people with disabilities by showing their ability to play more complex characters. It also addresses issues of bullying and LGBTQ rights. Adrian plays a lead role in this film as well as being its co-director, writer and editor. This film also gives other actors with disabilities a chance to act and show their talents. It is an edgy and modern film that challenges the viewer—a sign of true art! Adrian is available to act in, film and edit film projects.
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Cell: 585-789-0993

Adrian Esposito: About Us
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