Liz Pritchard

Graphic Artist and Website Designer

My name is Liz Pritchard. 
I am a 25-year-old autistic comic book artist, autism and disability rights advocate, and an ANCA World Ambassador representing the United States. I’ve always loved to draw, and eight years ago, I started drawing a comic about my feelings and experiences with being autistic. After being bullied out of several schools, I wanted to DO something. Something that would make a difference. Something that would help other people. People like me. 
When I finished the comic, I showed it to several of my peers and teachers. This was a big risk for me, because I was opening my true self up to them, and feared being rejected... but they loved my comic! 
In fact, for the first time in my life, I felt truly understood. Anime, my special interest, has really helped me connect with people, and anime has helped lead me to very great people that I still have connections with to this very day. My art has taken me to Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines; I will be traveling as an Ambassador for ANCA to Nepal and China in the near future as well. 
I'm currently working on a comic book series called "PaperBag". In "PaperBag", I focus and illustrate the feelings of individuals with mental illness instead of focusing on their labels. Focusing too much on labels can detract from understanding the feelings of individuals who live with mental health conditions. I find it critical to raise awareness of such conditions so that individuals can get the help and support that they need. 
I use a lot of symbolism and metaphors in my art. I find that abstract storytelling helps the reader of the story to develop their own personal connection to what ever aspect of their life that the symbol reminds them of. Reality is very subjective, and others’ interpretations of art are just as valid as my own.



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