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An Eagle Scout, Tyler is a graduate of Greece Athena High School. Tyler has been looking towards a career in Sports Broadcasting since 2016. His Instagram page is loaded with sports articles and predictions. His family has supported him throughout his life. Tyler also likes technology and the arts. He has performed in many shows at both Greece Athena and at Artists Unlimited. A big baseball fan, one of his goals is to go to every single MLB stadium at least one time.


Sports Reviews by Tyler Nersinger

I know that it's a bit early to be talking about XFL expansion, but I think that the new XFL will be very successful that it would be able to expand in the following season. Here's where I think the expansion teams should be.

Chicago: I'm a bit surprised that the third largest media market was not given an XFL team. When the original XFL was around, there was a team in Chicago, the Enforcers. I would really like to see Soldier Field be used, but because the XFL is primarily using smaller stadiums, I'm going to have the Chicago team play at Guaranteed Rate Field where the White Sox play.

Boston: Boston never had an XFL team. I think it was one of the places where the original XFL was going to expand if it had a second season. Anyway, Boston is a pretty big market, and I could definitely see an XFL team going there. I'd most likely see Gillette Stadium being used, but for some reason, I'm seeing Boston's team playing at Fenway Park. I might be crazy.

San Francisco: San Francisco also had an original XFL team, the Demons. The Bay Area would make sense for an XFL team. Like the San Francisco Demons, the San Francisco team would play at Oracle Park, formerly known as AT&T Park, SBC Park, and Pacific Bell Park. While Oracle Park is primarily built for baseball, it is also not that bad of a football stadium. Hell, I'm sure that it could've been used as a temporary stadium for the 49ers at some point.

Phoenix: I chose Phoenix because it's a very large market. I needed to have a second Western Conference XFL expansion team, as Chicago and Boston are both in the Eastern Conference. I don't see Sun Devil Stadium being used for the team. I really see State Farm Stadium being used.


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